Help with debt -Browse now and then request a debt consolidation online

Browse now and then Request a debt consolidation online

Debt Consolidation

Our debt consolidation at deprives you of the risk that arises when you have obligations to your property. We will unite all your loans into one and solve for you the execution – we will prevent the auction of your property and help you with problems with the tax office, health insurance, social security administration or other authority.

  Short-term loan Business Loan Loan for anything Consolidation
Loan Amount 1.100.000, – CZK 850.000, – CZK 200.000, – CZK 500.000, – CZK
Repayment length 12 months 120 months 60 months 96 months
Interest 6% 6% 10% 10%
APR 29,60% 8.72% 15,68% 13,91%
One-time fee (not prepaid) 110.000, – CZK 85.000, – CZK 20.000, – CZK 50.000, – CZK
Total amount payable by the client 1.166.000, – CZK 1.132.440 CZK 254.940, – CZK 728.352 CZK
Monthly installment 5.500, – CZK (* 9.437, – CZK 4.249 CZK 7.587 CZK

The main condition for the conclusion of a loan agreement (loan) is the liability of real estate in private ownership.
Our company always provides loans (loans) with a fixed interest rate (pa).
(* Interest repayment only without principal

LendersMoney, SE does not provide funds or other services pursuant to Act 257/2016 Coll. Consumer Credit Act

Are you a young couple who have a property purchased through a mortgage, home furnishing through a short-term loan, and a car funded through a lease, and are now in expectation? Don’t worry about lowering your family budget. One income will be reduced by parental allowance while increasing the cost of equipping your baby’s room. We offer you a convenient loan consolidation, which will reduce your monthly payments to a minimum.

Consolidating a credit without a registry is thanks to LendersMoney a quick and clever solution for all who want to save considerable money. By consolidating your loans, you will be able to set its parameters to suit you, that is, the repayment day, repayment period and repayment amount.